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Soumita Saha is an Indian Singer of International repute and Painter who paved her way through different streams of performing arts with untameable spirit. She is a playback singer with a soulful voice and extraordinary vocal range. She know for exhibiting her expertise in EDM and her contribution in the field of Tagore Music. Her Music videos have represented the country in many prestigious Film Festivals name Lift off Film Festival, U.K , Festival Del Cefalu, Italy and Angaelica Film Festival Spain. She is a composer and songwriter who's originals are loved by audience all of the world. Some of her Hits are Ishq, Yaad Piya Ki, Play The Tune and Fly High. She has collaborated with many artists across the globe for her musical projects. Her painting's have been show cased in many exhibitions in the country and abroad. Some of her famous work are Aberrant and Bharat Maata.

Thursday 17 August 2023

Puratoni Gaan - Kemon Kore Horer Ghore

 The Puratoni Bangla Gaan or Baithaki Gaan form an integral part of these festivities.The melodies of Puratoni Bangla Gaan accompanied by traditional musical instruments transport listeners to a bygone era filled with nostalgia and reverence. They serve as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Bengal and the deep-rooted religious beliefs of its people. Puratoni Bangla Gaan or Old Bengali Songs are a genre of music that is almost on the verge of extinction. 

Puratoni Bangla Gaan portrays the love and adoration that Bengalis have for their beloved gods and goddesses.

Puratoni Bangla Gaan plays a vital role in the festivities of Durga Puja reflecting the devotion and love for Goddess Durga.Durga was popularised later, from the 17th and 18th centuries, by the zamindar class for agricultural prosperity and to display their pomp and power — in late Mughal and post Mughal Bengal.As the ‘mother slot’ was occupied by Kali, Durga was fitted in as the ‘daughter’ of the Bengali Hindus. She visited her parents, Giriraj and Menaka, just for four days a year when they poured all their love on their darling daughter, Uma. It made more sense for Durga/ Uma to take her young children to her parents’s home, as she would not leave them alone.

Thus, Bengal transformed the belligerent goddess into a loving daughter. There are many Puratonis that portray the perspective of Uma's mother. Sometimes she requested Giri Raj Himavan to go and bring Uma home. She even expresses her sorrow as Uma practices a lifestyle that's so different from the lifestyle of princess. " Kemon Kore Horer Ghore " is one such song where Mainavati asks Uma , How did she managed to dwell on Shiva's abode. People keep saying different stuff about lifestyle breaks her heart. It is literally so painful for a mother to hear from other that her son in law begs. She even utters this time he arrives to take Uma home, she'll say Uma's not home. 

Kemon Kore Horer Ghore

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